Branding Box: Hoarding design for Marr Villas project In

Hoarding design for Marr Villas project

OVERVIEW This task was done for Marr Cyprus company, which specializes in the property development. BBOX team had to decorate the hoardings (fence) of the Marr Villas project. The fence includes up to 60 panels of different size and form. GIVE US A CALL: 700 700 95 The goal was to move away from the [...]

Branding Box: Outdoor Andreas Xenofontos Developers In

Outdoor Andreas Xenofontos Developers

OVERVIEW While for the majority of projects and businesses it's vital to have a strong online presence, some things still work best in a traditional format. When working with Andreas Xenofontos Developers on advertising their new venture in real estate, the East Residence property, we took to our expertise in outdoor signs designs and created [...]

Branding Box: Outdoor Marr Cyprus In

Outdoor Marr Cyprus

OVERVIEW Having had previously worked with Marr on their brand identity accompanying items, we knew working with them on their outdoor designs would be an as equally satisfying experience. Taking to traditional hoarding designs and other urban designs, we created villas and street hoarding banners, as well as bus, flag, billboard, and lightbox designs. Each [...]