Branding Box: Design and Branding Services In

Corporate Identity Branding Box

OVERVIEW Working with various brands and companies on an everyday basis, everything we do needs to be showcased not only in the work we do but in the way we present ourselves. For our own company, we went with a full branding package - everything from designing a logo to selecting brand colours. We wanted [...]

Branding Box: Corporate Identity Marr Cyprus In

Corporate Identity Marr Cyprus

OVERVIEW Marr Cyprus is a luxury developer working with development, management, and legal services within the property niche. Their brand identity represents elegance, style, and attention to detail. Working with Marr, we created their envelope, bag, leaflet, brochure, as well as roll-up designs and it was imperative to incorporate their values and existing colours in [...]

Branding Box: Corporate Identity SGS Galleys In

Corporate Identity SGS Galleys

OVERVIEW Sea Galleys Support Ltd. is a Limassol-based bespoke catering management company working with sea trading vessels worldwide. The international scope of the company requires a high-quality and professional brand identity. Firstly, we designed a logo that would perfectly showcase the company's identity and the industry that they operate in. Secondly, we then designed business [...]