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We are Branding Box an innovative marketing development company, based here in Limassol, Cyprus. You’ve no doubt seen and heard about many companies of this type, so what makes us different?

We strive for greater results, that’s what! Our number one goal is to work not only to your expectations, but to exceed them. We believe that when you put your task in our hands, you deserve the best results.

We take on every ounce of the creative work and use your vision as direction. We don’t run with just our own ideas, we seamlessly weave our vision with yours, creating a bespoke end result which goes above and beyond.

Our main motivation is a passion for the job at hand, as well from every single member of our team. We motivate each other to do better, every single time. There are no limits to our creativity, and every single day we work outside the box, refusing to be tamed by limitations. All of this means the perfect result for you, our customer.

Our Team

Director: Marios Loullis
Marios Loullis

Being the first guy isn’t easy! Whether it’s motivating or keeping people focused on their work, my role is to provide my team with all the necessary incentives and to know when to really push forward if there is a barrier to be broken, because there are no boundaries except the ones we set to ourselves. Good communication and knowing where my team’s individual strengths lie are my key activities!

Administration: Antonia Economidou
Antonia Economidou

Administration is a varied role, but the most exciting part for me is communicating with our wide range of clients. I really enjoy listening to their ideas, and then striving to deliver their desired result. “Nothing is impossible” – that is the mission of our team, and when there is a will there is a way! If for some reason our plan doesn’t work, we change the plan but never the goal!

Social media: Andreas Kosti
Andreas Kosti
Social media

You could say that I am the “social media man” of the company. Content creation is my life and social media is what I love. All of this means I am lucky enough to work with my passion as my job every single day. Two words that describe me? authentic and positive.

Here could be you?
Here could be You?
Team member

Were Looking for a New Team Member. Send us your CV at [email protected]