6 factors that make people want to share content

Engaging the audience The traditional marketing means involved putting your message on a banner somewhere on the street and hoping a passerby will notice it. However, the 21st century brought us a rapid transition to information society dominated by social media, customized content, and short-living trends. There’s a huge benefit to all that: the audience […]

5 ways advertising impacts consumer behavior In Creative

5 ways advertising impacts consumer behavior

Here, at BBox, we think that advertising is one of the main components of a well-functioning business. For a company to make a profit it is necessary for its products or services to be visible on the market and to attract customers. Although considered a recent ploy developed by “those greedy” marketing specialists, advertising has […]

The impact of humour on advertising In Design

The impact of humour on advertising

Humour is a powerful thing The very focus of making some laugh can create a much closer bond to the person you’re speaking to, either directly or via another media, such as a brochure, a social media post, an article, or an image. Think about an instance in the past when you’ve read something online […]