Marr Cyprus is an international company, which operates in multiple sectors such as the oil & gas and technology, but its main emphasis is on land and property development. In recent years the group has been involved in major construction projects throughout Europe and Russia, covering a broad range of real estate development categories.

Portfolio of Marr includes successful projects features mixed-use high-rise buildings, large-scale residential developments, hotels and resorts, shopping and entertainment centres, industrial, commercial and office complexes. Every project represents outstanding investment potential, because without exception, they are luxurious without being ostentatious, perfectly positioned where people want to live, and ideally configured to suit today’s style of living.

Branding Box: Social Media Management Services
Branding Box: Social Media Management Services

Marr Cyprus did not have social media presence. First, we created a market research to identify competitors, key players, target markets. We created social media accounts for Facebook & Instagram and started to create a content in Russian and English languages.

Our strategy focused on increasing page’s likes, reach and start promoting new development projects. We also created targeted ads to reach specific target groups in different geographical locations.

Our focus areas included: Market Research, Social Media Strategy (Facebook & Instagram), Page Creation (Facebook & Instagram), Target Advertising, Brand Experience (Reach – Page Likes), Content Creation.