One of the best ways to keeping your client informed and always updated is to create a one-time or permanent newsletter. Beautiful images and the key-point text, minimizes the possibility of missing (minimizes the will of potential client to ignore an e-mail) an e-mail by a potential customer.

Here you can find the samples of custom designed newsletters and newsletters made in Mailchimp system. We are creating the design and text, basing on the information that client give to us.  The aim of our work is to inform people about the upcoming events, news happened, product/service availability etc. As a dedicated partner, we are able to send these newsletters in a proper way to specific languages which reach out to a specific audience.

For the client that needs to send updates often (on a daily or weekly basis), we recommend to order Mailchimp newsletters. This will minimizing time, reduce costs and be straight forward and provide the audience with exactly what the client wants to promote. For the client that needs to enter the market or present their business in a very individual and unique way, we recommend to order custom designed newsletter. This way helps to include to the newsletter absolutely everything that the creative mind can wish for.