It’s easy to get stuck

Since the world of digital marketing more resembles a steaming juggernaut of volatile, chaotic changes and short trends than a coherent system, you will often find yourself stuck in a, let’s call it a marketing dead-end. Instead of stubbornly marching around this cul-de-sac of popularity, a smart marketer would be wise and brave enough to try and start out from the beginning.

From time to time, it will happen that your branding strategy will fail or that the overall image of your brand may seem, pardon the rhyme, bland, old, and yesterday’s news.

And that is perfectly fine! Now you have a chance to begin anew and to learn from the mistakes of your past self. So before you decide on such a move, our experts here at BBox have gathered a small list of benefits and strategies you should consider if you want your business to reap all the rewards of rebranding.

Examples of companies that made a rebranding of the logo:


Airbnb rebranding


Kodak rebranding



Spotify rebranding


A Fresh Start

Remember your student days? Whenever you had an exam, there was this little lie you would tell yourself that goes something like: “Oh, well, I’ll start on Monday.” Whenever people try to make any substantial decision, they try to tie it to a fresh date. If we had a coin for every New Year’s resolution that involved quitting smoking or going on a diet, the world economy would crash.

That’s why you can use this to your advantage. New Year’s is a perfect example. January the 1st is when people are coming back from the holidays and they expect everything to be new and rejuvenated. Our research indicates that it’s best to tie your rebranding efforts to a specific date, like a holiday or the anniversary of your company, or rebrand when launching a new product and breaking into a new market.

Reach Out

Long are gone the past days of bureaucratic deafness and monolithic disinterest in the consumers of the Mad Men-like era of corporate arrogance. Nowadays, the customer has a final word and an overall trend in the industry demands further personalization and individualization of customer-producer relationship.  Since that relationship keeps getting more personal, you’ll have to remember the golden rule for a healthy relationship: there has to be communication.

That’s why rebranding is a perfect moment to reach out to your customers and ask them what is it that pushes their buttons and grinds their gears. Use that feedback when envisioning the new look or the upcoming strategy to your advantage.

Re-think your mission

When was the last time you asked yourself what is the purpose of your company or the business you’re doing? Whenever in doubt whether you should rebrand or not, the company’s mission statement can be a great start. Try to do a quick survey both among your employees and customers. If even one of those two groups has a view of the company that differs from the official company mission, you should consider rebranding and changing the ideas behind your work.

Our experts point out to amazing cases such as Burberry, that only 15 years ago, used to be associated with football hooligans so much that people were banned from pubs based solely on their outfit. Then there’s Old Spice who managed to spin their image with the Smell Like a Man campaign so much that nobody remembers how a couple years ago it was “that thing your dad buys”.

Have fun!

However serious your line of business may be, there’s always a time for a time-out. No one will believe you to be all business all the time, so it’s OK to relax. Consider the last time you were active on the social media channels. How engaging was the last content you published there?

Although it’s important to notify your public about the benefits of your product nobody likes a preacher. That’s why you should try and have fun with your brand. According to our experts, you should try to reach out in a casual way, without mentioning your line of work or how amazing your product was just once. After all social media is for humans so it’s perfectly fine to show your every-day side.

There will always be an itch

It doesn’t matter how hip and trendy you perceive your rebranding to be. As mentioned at the beginning, the market is just to wild to predict. That’s why it’s wise to set yourself deadlines when it comes to thinking of new ideas, because if you always delay your campaign for “that extra good idea we need” you’ll be left with a Frankenstein’s monster of a campaign. Our experts here at BBox would like to suggest that when you reach a decision, try to stick with it and don’t wander off too much.

All in all, don’t be scared to leave your comfort zone and try out new things. Wherever there’s risk, there are also great benefits to gain and you never know what is waiting for you behind that hill. Before you really do head off to that adventure, make sure you have all the necessary things, because going back can sometimes be very expensive.