Make your website unique with easy WordPress techniques

Developing your own website, apart from being ubiquitous is a serious matter that needs thorough attention to details. In order to give you the full picture, we’ll just say that currently, as you are reading this, there are two websites going online every second. The number is also rising almost exponentially. While there were a […]

Everybody shops at IKEA for a reason: the importance of graphical design on your conversion rates In Design

Everybody shops at IKEA for a reason: the importance of graphical design on your conversion rates

Content marketing has been around pretty much since the beginning of marketing itself. Even in the old days of newspaper supplements and direct-to-mail ad supplements, every product would come with an engaging copywrite text that would promote the product in down-to-earth, friendly advice. Although written content will always be a staple of every successful marketing […]

How rebranding boosts business In Creative

How rebranding boosts business

It’s easy to get stuck Since the world of digital marketing more resembles a steaming juggernaut of volatile, chaotic changes and short trends than a coherent system, you will often find yourself stuck in a, let’s call it a marketing dead-end. Instead of stubbornly marching around this cul-de-sac of popularity, a smart marketer would be […]

6 factors that make people want to share content

Engaging the audience The traditional marketing means involved putting your message on a banner somewhere on the street and hoping a passerby will notice it. However, the 21st century brought us a rapid transition to information society dominated by social media, customized content, and short-living trends. There’s a huge benefit to all that: the audience […]

5 ways advertising impacts consumer behavior In Creative

5 ways advertising impacts consumer behavior

Here, at BBox, we think that advertising is one of the main components of a well-functioning business. For a company to make a profit it is necessary for its products or services to be visible on the market and to attract customers. Although considered a recent ploy developed by “those greedy” marketing specialists, advertising has […]

The impact of humour on advertising In Design

The impact of humour on advertising

Humour is a powerful thing The very focus of making some laugh can create a much closer bond to the person you’re speaking to, either directly or via another media, such as a brochure, a social media post, an article, or an image. Think about an instance in the past when you’ve read something online […]